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Memorial Health University Medical Center

As a long-standing client for many years, Memorial Health has enlisted Boaen Mechanical's mechanical contracting services on a variety of expansion projects and renovations, including a complete tear-down and rebuild of a 1200-ton centrifugal chiller at the experienced hands of our service department technicians. In addition to special projects, Memorial Health also utilizes our emergency service response team on an ongoing basis.

Data Room Chiller

An 80 ton air cooled chiller, 5 Horsepower pump, and over 500 linear feet of piping were installed to service a new data room. Steel piping was installed in the crawl space, above suspended ceilings, and under a drop in floor to service data room units.

Glycol Chiller

Installation of one, 160 ton air cooled glycol chiller, piping, pumps and storage tank that serves 7 operating rooms 2015

Lab Dehumidification System

Installation of one dehumidification roof top package unit and ductwork.

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